Ricky Lo to interview The Fast and The Furious stars for Manila premiere

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Controversial celebrity troll Ricky Lo has been tapped by Solar Entertainment to interview the cast of The Fast and the Furious 6 for its Asian premiere in Manila May 14.

"We are confident in Mr. Lo's ability to get the most out of his subjects while treating them with the beloved Filipino wit and hospitality," Solar president Wilson Tieng said in a statement.

Lo, who has a friend in the Philippines named Lea Salonga, recently caught flak from netizens who thought his Jan 19 interview with Anne Hathaway was "awkward," "painful to watch," and "makes jumping on Oprah's couch hysterically look socially acceptable."

A veteran of over 200 claims of celebrity interviews, Lo began the four-minute cringe-fest with a question about Hathaway's weight, which the actress declined to answer. She also turned down his queries about her privileged background and preparations for the role, as well as his BFF invitation.

Later, the visibly irritated Les Miserables star wrapped things up by suggesting Filipino fans might prefer Lo inviting them to watch her movie, causing the interviewer serious burns.

"Personally, I thought it was amusing," Lo wrote in the Philippine Star Jan23. 

Local hacktivisit group Anonymous Philippines tweeted a link to the said column, citing their admiration for Lo's trolling skills.

For his newest high-profile subjects in May, however, Lo said he is optimistic and excited.

"I can't wait to ask Vin Diesel why he hasn't won any Oscars yet," the showbiz columnist said, "and if he knows my friend Manny Pacquiao."


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